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Last Saturdays Medal was won by Bob Thomas with Leonard Stott 2nd. They both won their respective divisions in the Winter league. Nearest the pin winner was Kev Whitaker. There is no competition this Saturday due to the weather and the bar will be closed. There are 2 Winter League comps left. Due to the Skipton invitational day being moved to Sunday 23rd i have decided to move the Winter league dates to the following Saturday 29th Feb & Saturday 7th March We are keeping the Wednesday night draw going till 25th March . Everyone welcome to come upon a Wednesday evening until we finish Saturday 28th March will be our last competition at SGC. We have decided to have a Shotgun Team competition starting at 12.00pm. All members are welcome to come and play but we need to sort this quickly so i need your help in saying whether you and your playing partners are playing or not. I will give everyone till the end of February to contact me before we offer it to others to put teams in. i will help to try and fill 4 balls if there are only 2-3 of you. The main thing is getting in touch with me quickly so we can sort the competition out. After we will have our last presentation, awarding the top 2-3 teams all the nearest the pin winners , the Winter league winners and any other outstanding 2s owing. There will be plenty of prizes to win during this last comp. It will be £10 per person to enter . This covers a breakfast sandwich,coffee before the start , comp fees and when we get back in there will be pie and peas served after the presentation. i will put a notice up on the board in regards to this comp but you must contact me to enter it. My phone is 07833477748 my email is I will also text you if i have your number Lets give the club a good send off.



Presidents Half Year Post



We are nearly half-way through the year so I thought it opportune to keep all members up to date with matters at your golf club.

  • Outside around the golf club a significant amount of landscaping has been undertaken. It is our intention to cap these areas with top soil and then let nature take its course with grassing over.
  • Our land owner Ian Hill has finished all the internal / external developments so areas such as the new ladies locker room/toilets and mens shower areas are now ready to use.
  • The area outside the bar area is complete with a glass surround and offers wonderful views over the golf course and surrounding areas.
  • The “new” trolley store is nearly complete and once finished I will get Martyn to contact all paying users so that a power point can be issued. For those who would like to use the store , please see Martyn. I think the annual cost for usage and power is £50, very reasonable.
  • Once we have moved out of the existing trolley store the intention is to use this as a locker space with a re-organisation to the entrance/booking in area.
  • The area around the compressor has been tidied upend chipping put down. Please keep this area tidy . It all adds to the general appearance of the golf course.
  • The club, through offering sponsorship deals will be installing new course furniture in the form of new tee signage and ball washers. We have had a great uptake and thank all sponsors.
  • These sponsorship packages will allow us to improve the overall appearance of your golf club.
  • As in all cases to make things happen quickly the club needs support from its membership. If anyone can spare an hour or two to help we still need more stone pickers, we will need people to help with the trolley store move and just general duties such as sweeping the passageway, keeping the compressor area tidy and gardening duties. Every little helps. Please contact me (Len Stott on 07776498394) if you are prepared to help.

Thank You